Go Trawling for shrimp  

   Anywhere you go fishing charters will tell you the best bait for a fish, is the bait they're naturally feeding on.  North Myrtle Beach fishing charter are no different. If you want to catch the best fish , having the best bait goes along way. 


   Pulling a trawl net is a perfect way to catch a lot of live, fresh, and natural indigenous bait.  Not only does the net provide the best bait possible for our fishing charters, it's a whole fishing experience by itself.

   Seeing a huge tail bag of bait fish and shrimp pulled up from the ocean and poured out in front of everyone gathered to sort through the starfish, stingrays, crabs, squid, sand dollars, and shells of all kind is a truly unique and unforgettable experience to share with family.  Even if you don't care to fish, the shrimp net gives everyone on board an opportunity to get involved .


   The trawling net is always a hit with the kids.  Children love help pick the bait fish out of the pile.  We always toss a few to the seagulls who catch them in midair, and the kids love watching the rest swim around the live well.  The net always brings up something fascinating from the bottom of the ocean. Teaching our younger passengers  about the different types of marine life is an especially fun part of pulling the net. And I do mean PULLING. The net consist of 40 feet of mesh 100 feet of rope, a stainless steel chain, and 2 huge solid wood doors.  So not only do they learn about the ocean, I can show them one really good reason they should stay in school!


   The trawl net doesn't just catch bait, and entertain.  We consistently load up with pounds of shrimp at a time. during season we'll package them up on ice for you to cook with your filet. Most customers agree that coming home with a few large sized zip locks stuffed completely full of shrimp is a pretty nice bonus.



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