North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Prices 

 "Price is a one time proposition, cost is forever."


      We have worked hard to keep more economical rates than any other private North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters.

      For fifteen years we have plotted and marked the fishing areas of the Myrtle Beach coast. Whatever your private party wants ton target and catch, we know where it lives. To get there, it takes time and fuel, and that is where cost comes in 


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North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

      Don’t cost yourself a memorable life time experience.  If you are looking for a cheap price, you are going to get an expensive, and short boat ride.  The average cost for any quality North Myrtle Beach fishing charters are around $100.00 an hour.  The minimum fishing trip time is five hours . That covers our cost and overhead, and gives you time to fish.

   With Wise Fishing Charters, our rate covers everything for up to six people. Ice, bait, tackle, fishing license, and fish cleaning are all included.  Heck, I even play the harmonica for your listening entertainment (Beat that) lol!  You only bring what you are going to eat and drink.  We offer a minimum 5 hour half day trip that will keep you within 20 miles of shore, and full day trips that takes you out toward the Gulf Stream between 25 and 60 miles out.


   With our charter boats, we know you'll be more than happy with the trip. If you have any questions about scheduling, equipment, or anything else, don't hesitate to ask. Don't miss the experience of a lifetime. Email Captain Daniel  or  Call Captain Steve and book your North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters today!


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North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

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